Nvtalia Romanova

I can’t live without coffee. Can you?

The balancing is unreal.

Juggling single motherhood, a demanding career, finances, a thousand and one never-ending daily tasks, and self.

As a working mother of three amazing souls, I am blessed. They are my greatest strength to stand back up when I fall, to find the light when I see darkness.

Nvtalia Romanova Fitness

Overcoming depression, panic attacks and recurrent seizures back in 2015, I am here to share my journey and share articles close to my heart, particularly in :

– Art Therapy
– Self Improvement
– Relationship
– Psychology
– Fitness

Come with me.

p/s: To reserve an art therapy session with me, for your mental and emotional wellbeing, contact me here

@nvtaliaromanova aka naserimah


Mother, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Art Therapist, Artist at Heart


Mental and physical well being is TOP in Naserimah’s daily mindset. She endeavors to engage in positive daily mind and body rituals through art therapy, meditation, yoga, weight lifting, dancing, journaling, painting, and massage.

Naserimah is also an IT Enthusiast with more than 15 years of professional Information Technology experience.

As a hobby, she is an Artist with international art galleries ‘Society6’ & ‘Saatchi Art’. Three of her paintings are residing with Singapore bank UOB Art Gallery. 

Also a passionate Expressive Art Therapist, she has made a positive impact in her participants’ lives through her dynamic and empathetic style of training in expressing their soul & meditation through art.

She has volunteered extensively with people of all ages ranging from children, to seniors in their 70s, from those with mental health challenges, to those with chronic illnesses, also business owners and entrepreneurs.

In addition, she continues to inspire the public with her enthusiasm and positive outlook in life despite her setbacks in health (diagnosed with epilepsy & depression in 2015) and life’s challenges (single mother of 3 school going children who lost her job due to her diagnosis of illness). She has made a comeback not just mentally but physically, overcoming her health issues through the power of the mind. Now, she has 2 businesses running under her belt and living her life to the fullest.

She has been featured in the media such as The Straits Times, Motherhood Magazine, Berita Harian, MediaCorp Current Affairs, Mediacorp Suria, Warna 94.2FM, Elegance Magazine, International Expressive Art Therapist Association magazine, private clubs newsletters, and has been interviewed on TV various times with her inspirational life story.

Living her childhood aspirations to be an actress, she regularly acts during her free time on Mediacorp Channel 5, Suria and Channel 8 among others in Ch 5 ‘First Touch’, Suria ‘Jeritan Sepi’, ‘Walimah’, ‘Di Luar Garisan’, ‘Papa Kool’, ‘Jalan Ampas’, ‘O.M.G.’, Hari Raya Haji Telemovie ‘Terjalin Semula’ and ‘Kaabah 2 Riyal’.

She is also a Co-Author of two books : ‘On Purpose’, a collaboration of inspiring successful female entrepreneurs and ‘Entrepreneur EcoSystem’.

A single mother of three, she is well-loved for her sincerity and her passion for women empowerment.







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