My 3 months Fitness Goals

I have come to realize that I’ve put on a lot of weight the past months.

Could it be due to the holiday seasons? Could it be due to stress of kids starting of the new school term in 2019? Could it be due to my lack in discipline taking care of what I put in my mouth? Could it be due to stopping my weekly zumba sessions, which I was so active in Feb-May 2018?

Arghhh its a wake-up call! Not too late! You wanna join me? Let’s do this!

Here’s my goal that I’ve set for 3 months, Jan-Apr 2019. I do this for my personal accountability and to share with all of you, with all honesty and transparency, even though I may slip at times.

Starting : 74kg – 38 / 31 / 42 inches
3 mths Goal : 68kg – 38 / 28 / 40 inches
6mths Goal : 65kg – 38 / 26 / 38 inches

(I don’t wish to be super thin, I like the hourglass figure 💜)

Firstly, I believe in losing weight holistically inside out, not just by starving myself and depriving my body of its nutritional needs. I’m a single mother of 3 school-going children and the physical & mental demands is pretty high daily. I need to stay healthy for my kids!

Hence, I believe in supplementing my body with additional health nutrients and not slimming pills that are poison to our system.

In my quest for keeping healthy and getting my body ready for my weight loss program, I’ve ordered these as my supplements to boost my losing weight regime & to have better skin, complexion and stable hormones (estrogen) and most importantly, energy for my workouts!


1) Royal V – for female good hormones estrogen, for looking young always (Malays call it, awet muda) and have bountiful energy throughout my day.

2) Kopi Ratu – female good hormones-infused coffee with all the goodness in my morning coffee. This elixir has proven to keep our mental mind sharp, prevents memory loss (especially for mothers, after giving birth) and prevents depression. I find my energy increases too, to last from 6am (morning rush with kids going to school and me going to work) until 11pm (after a hectic weekday at office, serving dinner, monitoring kids school homework and doing house chores). I highly advocate this elixir to all working mothers!

3) Fiber Lite – for my daily bowel routine, fiber to keep me full and keeping my colon healthy. The taste is chocolatey without being too sweet. I like.

4) Vinifera CC Cover – this is the bomb, you guys. I don’t use foundation or heavy makeup, I prefer to keep it natural and let your glowy complexion show from within

5) Pinky Roses lipbalm – I use this daily as I like my lips naturally pink and moisturized, smells heavenly too. (rose-infused)

6) Seven Seas Aromatherapy Oil – This peppermint infused aromatherapy oil perks me up at office when my mind gets too congested, mentally refreshing when I need a boost.

7) Hot Oil Melong – I use this to rub on my tummy before I sleep, it has helped my skin to be so soft and supple with its goat milk formulation. It is very hot and I love it, it helps my tummy settle for the night to have a deep restful sleep. It is said to reduce cellulite and perks up your skin. Good for body aches too, coz it’s really hot and relaxes stiff muscles!

8) Rduse – I tried a few times but I find the taste too sweet so I stop taking it.

9) Colonis Dmistica – I take this powder with warm water every night (2 tablespoon), it tastes creamy and mildly sweet (not too sweet as I don’t really favour sweet stuff). It contains organic plants ( Psyllium husk, wheatgrass powder, peach extract, lemon extract, white kidney bean, green coffee extract and other goodness) to help clean my colon and to detox. It does not give me diarrhea which some harmful products in the market does. After taking for 2 weeks, my bowels has been regular and my skin complexion has greatly improved, I don’t need to use any concealer anymore now. No more dark spots, pimples, acne, oily skin. It is just perfectly behaving as I want it too. Just perfect. It just shows how great this powder is, to detox and rid my body of harmful toxins. I feel clean and light inside. My tummy feels happily flat too, every morning after my regular bowels. It gives me the confidence to seize the day!

I try to share my workouts & daily routine in my InstaStory so come with me :
IG @nvtaliaromanova

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